Where do the tips come from?

The tips and shortcuts are downloaded from an Azure service in the Cloud.

Why only a few tips per day?

[Update] You asked; we listened. You can now browse all the tips. Keep an eye out for the latest update.

It is our belief that this type of information is learned on a daily basis through experimentation and repeated use. Learning these techniques individually over time facilitates this process. Don't worry, if you click the new tips as they come in, the app keeps opening up new ones.

How many tips are there?

New tips and shortcuts are added as they are discovered and through user feedback.

How long before I get new tips?

New tips come in as quickly as every 4 hours depending on how often you run the app.

What does "Report" do?

If you find a bug and get a message with a "Report" button, choosing this option will put the details of the error in an email message addressed to us. This is the quickest way to get us the necessary info to get any errors resolved.