Paket Manager release notes


  • Tabs in tool window show usable text colors in darker themes.


  • Fixed bug where OnSolutionLoaded fired but no solution was actually loaded.


  • New build to include features added to Paket Manager for Windows:

    • Tool window tabs grouping results.

    • Advanced section in dialogs allowing custom command arguments.

    • Paket docs link in dialogs.


  • Changed message for when the same command is run simultaneously so it's more clear why it's blocking it.


  • When more than one command is run at the same time, it is now blocked with an infobar message to avoid running two pakets simultaneously.

    • find packages and find versions do not perform this check.


  • Since ":q" no longer quits paket's find-packages, switched to closing the input stream (presumably resulting in an EOF) which does cause it to quit.


  • Perforce didn't like the relative paths. Had to build the full path.


  • Added a Paket Root folder to help find paket.lock, paket.dependencies, etc. when they are not at the solution root.


  • Now upgrades settings when devenv.exe's version changes (when Visual Studio updates).

  • Now drills into solution folders to find projects.


  • Now deletes the P4 changelist if empty when done.

  • Now outputs how many files are in the completed changelist.

  • Now upgrades settings from prior version when devenv.exe (VS IDE) changes version.