Deployinator release notes


  • Now does path validation in background as it can be time consuming especially when account information is specified.

  • Now shows whether Deployinator was able to resolve the path by setting the destination path text color.


  • Added the ability to choose from previously entered accounts.

  • Added the ability to remove bad entries from history lists.


  • Deploy dependent files now includes exes.

  • Added option to deploy satellite assemblies.

  • Added option to deploy other output folder contents.


  • Bug fix: Machines and folders drop downs were some times operating on different projects. As usually, performant code was not worth the effort (and error)--went back to a simple list built dynamically.


  • Bug fix: Fixed new roots not showing up in every project and Apply to All not being at the end of the roots list.


  • Now upgrades settings from prior version when devenv.exe (Visual Studio IDE) changes version.


- Can now cancel individual deployments when launched from the configuration window.

- Configuration window displays a message instead of a disabled UI when the solution is closed.


- Added cancel toolbar and menu command.

- Better feedback and responsiveness during automatic deployment when over a slow connection.

- Fixed duplicates issue and added "apply to all" for machine root.

- Diagnostics and Performance collections now refreshed only when expanded or in the expanded state.


- Detailed feedback and progress bar while deploying from configuration window.

- Added toolbar and menu command to disable Deployinator globally.